Monthly Archives: September 2020

Streaming olfactory event: “Pheromone”

Play at Elon. Playwright a Westtown graduate. Admission free. Attendance virtual. Streaming olfactory?

Pheromone: An Awkward Olfactory Inquiry

Playwright: Rachel Graf Evans

Director: Professor Kevin Hoffmann

October 1-6, 2020
Roberts Studio Theatre

Somewhere in a dilapidated warehouse in Atlanta, a new kind of party is just getting started. Wear a t-shirt for three days, put it in a Ziploc bag, bring it to the party, fall in love. What matters more in a successful relationship: biology or commitment? An awkward olfactory inquiry into the nature of attraction, betrayal, and the quirky characters we meet in our quest to find true love.

You’d do well to get a ticket.

The porcupine in winter

I had lived my entire life almost without knowing that a group of porcupines is called a prickle and that a baby porcupine is a porcupette. And, although porcupines live mostly alone, sometimes in the wintertime they gather inside hollow trees and logs, or under brush .

Thanks to Paraic O’Donnell, I know now.