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MidLaw goes to Middle East; hiatus on posts; hummus studies to ensue


The Friends School, Ramallah

With this post, MidLaw is entering upon a hiatus for international travel. During this period, expect no new posts, either as to MidLaw or regarding Divers Items.

But, the great work will continue. MidLaw will travel to the Levant: to Israel and to Palestine. Yes, even unto Jersalem, Jaffa and Ramallah. And, in these and nearby venues, hummus explorations and investigations will continue; indeed, they may escalate.

I am serious!

I am going to Israel and Palestine. On this journey, I will be under the guidance of hummus enthusiasts Jon Evans and Melissa Graf-Evans. Jon and Melissa are former residents of East Jerusalem; Jon, an international development executive; and Melissa formerly a teacher at Ramallah Friends School, which we will visit. We will be in the company of students from Westtown School in Pennsylvania, and we will visit a broad range of leaders, business people, activists, educators and social justice groups.

The students will take up weightier studies than mine — but readers of MidLaw know already that hummus studies are a path to peace.


The Friends School


The Friends School

Cahiers de Hoummous: MidLaw Mind and the gateway to good hummus



The gateway to good hummus is MidLaw Mind:

  • Stop. Breathe.
  • Make your own hummus.
  • Let it breathe.
  • Consume radically. Bring absolutely no preconceptions.

Submit to no external standard of taste, flavor or texture. Do not measure yours by hummus from any joint, restaurant or region you may know. And, give no way to any garbanzo-derived dip from any container off any shelf.

The gate is straight. Pass through with humility. Your hummus will rock. If not, adjust proportions as you are led and season as desired. Modify methods as needed.

Be assured. But be humble. Bring MidLaw Mind.