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Treated well at Veterans Administration Kernersville Healthcare Center

I was back at the Veterans Administration Kernersville Healthcare Center last week.

I don’t have acute issues. I’m pretty routine. A couple of hearing aids, a few shots, some admonitions to lose weight.

But the VA is a great benefit to me.

I understand there is a national debate about restructuring the VA. I am not following it closely. I sense that it is about ideology and political influence.

I don’t trust ideology or political influence – no matter which way they go.

I know one small, irrefutable fact: I have consistently had great service at the Kernersville center. I hope they don’t change that. It is not broke.

Veterans Administration in NC — doing good healthcare — thank you

VA Kernersville Healthcare Center

For veterans within the service area of the Veterans Administration Kernersville Healthcare Center: that is one superb facility over there and the healthcare it dispenses is superb.

They have focused on providing high-quality service, using technology well, and employing good, well-motivated people to do the work. And they have figured that thing out. They deliver.

They know how to serve large numbers of people efficiently, expeditiously and well.

In the past MidLaw became accustomed to hearing grim stories about the VA. No more. That place and those people are great!

So, this is your Veterans Day message. MidLaw appreciates what the VA has done for veterans in central NC.