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Fidueà, sepia, creatures from the sea

MidLaw Has returned to the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

These people have a genius for dragging strange creatures from the sea then ingesting them.

The creation of fidueà may have been Spain’s finest hour in the 20th Century. The daring to put the first cuttlefish into the mouth, whatever the century, the most courageous.

They find and boat creatures of the sea, bring them to shore right away, deliver them off their boats little more than 10 yards (maybe meters) to the restaurants, where they cook’em. You eat’em. There. Then.

What a concept.

There’s a fortune awaiting the restaurateur who first brings fideuà to the Carolina coast.

Terra Milles

terra MThank goodness I was asked to introduce my friends Terry and Joe Graedon (the Peoples’ Pharmacy) who were speaking to a Greensboro civic club last month; and thank goodness I heard them say that eggs, oils, fat (including reasonable amounts of saturated fats) and dietary cholesterol are BACK. They are no longer bad for you; they are mostly good for you; and they may not even make you gain weight. All things in moderation, of course.

Thank goodness I had heard that by the time I arrived at Terra Milles. Terra Milles is little more than a kitchen that sits on a dock fifteen feet or so from the Mediterranean Sea in El Grao at Castellón de La Plana, Spain. Around the kitchen on the dock, tables and chairs are gathered under an open shelter. At Terra Milles they prepare and serve whatever the boats have just brought in. The only fresher seafood is what the fishermen eat before the boat gets back to shore.






Sepia (cuttlefish)


Sardines with a green sauce. Cuttlefish sauteed in olive oil. Fideuà with aioli. Tomatoes, olives and onions

terra M tomates

Tomatoes, olives, onions

Oh, and beer.

Fidueà is a new discovery. Essentially, it’s paella but made with small curly noodles (vermicelli) instead of rice, cooked in fish broth with bits of many sea creatures. With aioli. Spectacular.

Look, I was going to eat all that stuff anyway. And drink it. But I’m so glad I heard Joe and Terry say that almost all of it was not so bad for you (had I only exercised moderation). There is a Balm in Gilead.