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Beyond artificial intelligence – the power of giving the ugliest criminal a fair trial

mcmillanRaleigh criminal defense lawyer Robert McMillan, Jr. is profiled in Attorney at Law Magazine.

He is quoted there as saying,

I set out to treat every case, number-writer, bootlegger with dignity and respect and making sure that the rule of law applied to the number-writer or the prostitute or the bootlegger just like it applied to the most serious crime. Every case becomes a part of the body of the law, like common law and each of those persons is entitled to a fair trial and if they don’t get a fair trial, the system is collapsing.


I consider myself a law abiding, church going, conscientious citizen but I don’t have any qualm at all about the importance of giving the ugliest criminal a fair trial in court. I believe every human being is precious and I believe every human being has something divine in him.

Powerful and noble.

Can artificial intelligence do that? This is beyond artificial intelligence. It may not be intelligent at all. But it is righteous.