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Cahiers de Hoummous: Lessons of public affairs for making your own hummus

Make and consume hummus (as usual).
Make contemporaneous memorandum.
Read Marcel Proust, À la Recherche du Temps Perdue.
Read Michel de Montaigne, Of Sadness.

Read Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Revise memorandum.
Repeat if desired.

I do not know which to prefer, the hummus, or just after.




Corporate Minutes and Marcel Proust

I reprised the presentation on Marcel Proust’s lessons for drafting corporate minutes for the North Carolina Bar Association’s Paralegal Division about a week ago. (Thanks to Jonah Lehrer for pointing out that Proust was a neuroscientist.)

What a deal: I’ve given this presentation now a number of times and I get a fresh load of CLE credits every time it’s a bar group. (Not all are.) The paper has been downloaded a lot.

Winslow’s First Law of Board Dynamics found a ready audience. See À la recherche du temps perdu:The Art and Science of Corporate Minutes, page 4. Paralegals who are called upon to keep corporate minutes agree that corporate directors really want to see their names and contributions in minutes, even though the purpose and law of minutes suggest otherwise …. The other 6 laws appeared to get their own measures of approbation as well.

This time, I was persuaded to use the title: “The Art and Science of Corporate Minutes,” leaving off the reference to Proust. Something about search engines. Also, some hint that there was arrogance in making the reference at all.

But – in the event, they got a dose of Marcel. And CPE and CLE credit to boot.

Page one or two of the materials points to the marketing and leadership facets of knowing about corporate minutes.