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Law firms, law schools lumber — Elon Law, not so much


3:AM MAGAZINE Whatever it is, we’re against it

Criticism happens quick.

Criticism in tweets and blogs and articles comes really quickly. (“The legal profession is doomed.“) Changes in law firms and law schools, not like that.

Law firms and law schools are changing right now, albeit perhaps in lumbering ways.

Yet, even though “it’s surprising how long things take, [it’s] shocking how fast they happen.”

That’s the feeling I had when I read this article about Elon Law School’s success with its new approach to legal education. Elon Law has made some big changes. They appear to be working. Where did that come from?

We’re not like every other law school,” law school Dean Luke Bierman said in an interview last week. “We want a different kind of law student — a pioneer, someone with a pioneering spirit who can come into a new program and succeed.

The legal profession was pronounced “doomed” a short while back. Now, maybe not. There is something new at Elon Law.