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Good Podcast Series to Make You Better

I stumbled upon The Look and Sound of Leadership while browsing among the podcasts up at  ITunes one day. It is a good series of podcasts. Each one takes about the time to listen to that it takes me to drive to work. (Takes me a bit less than 15 minutes to get to work.)

As always, the word “leadership” doesn’t tell you much. This is a series of tips or advice about how to communicate, how to present yourself and how to relate with other people, mostly within organizations. The topics are short, practical, accessible. But, fresh withal.

Some of his stuff is original. Much of it is drawn from other people’s books and articles. It is useful. He’s good about providing references.

The guy, Tom Henschel, puts things in context, bite-sizes and delivers it. He has a formula that he follows in every installment. That actually makes what he says the more accessible.

Self-improvement for the knowledge worker.

I found it in the business section of podcasts at the ITunes store, but you can get the same stuff at the website.

Oh – and it’s free.