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Epic Principles

Epic Systems is the hugely successful and interesting digital health records company based in Madison, Wisconsin.Principles

It is guided by twelve principles which are published throughout the company’s campus.

Those principles are interesting in themselves. They are also interesting to me because Epic is a software company, which is to say it is a kind of knowledge organization and professional services firm. I hold that priests were the first knowledge workers and lawyers were second. Computer programmers came later, but they have gotten to be where the action is — at least in the thinking that has been given in recent times to their management. So, I am interested.

Epic’s 12 principles are: 

  1. Do not go public.
  2. Do not be acquired.
  3. Expectations = reality.
  4. Keep commitments.
  5. Be frugal.
  6. Have standards. Don’t do deals.
  7. Create innovative and helpful products.
  8. Have fun with customers.
  9. Follow processes. Find root causes. Fix processes.
  10. Don’t take on debt, no matter how good the deal.
  11. Focus on competency. Do not tolerate mediocrity.
  12. Teach philosophy and culture.

Is it just me, or is there a certain crispness in the air?