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Cahiers de Hoummos: a champion of classic hummus speaks

aboo11An authoritative hummus voice has sounded. Maureen Abood.

Like MidLaw, Abood’s fundamental message is “roll your own.” And, her focus is on hewing to the few, classic ingredients and perfecting fundamental methods. None of those trendy alternatives or add-ins for her.

But, some Abood methods challenge long-time MidLaw habits. The keys are: (1) go to great lengths to remove the chickpea skins, (2) don’t mix the olive oil into the puree, instead pour it on top at the end, (3) emphasize the lemon juice to adjust flavor, (4) save and chill the chickpea cooking liquid before adding it back.

MidLaw’s ways are questioned, so the MidLaw Test Kitchen is on the case.

For now though, Abood is a voice to be reckoned with. She goes deeper into methodology than anything MidLaw has seen before. She advocates using dried chickpeas when possible and taking days in the soaking and simmering if you have the time, but she wastes no scruples on this: if what you have is canned chickpeas and limited time, don’t let that stop you. You will still get great hummus. She is committed to the integrity of simple, classic ingredients: chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, tahini. Olive oil at the end. No beets. And she is a champion of rolling your own.

Discipline. Stick to the basics. Perfect your methods. Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Integrity. Do it yourself; do not rely on others. In what matters, Abood’s way is also the MidLaw Way.

A great hummus champion.

Thanks to Washington lawyer, lead guitarist of DC band Blue Book Value, novelist, and author of The Shining Rock Grand, Bill Winslow for calling attention to Maureen Abood.


Story of a North Carolina lawyer who’s losing his job — a “troubled psychic entrepreneur”

The Shining Rock Grand by William Winslow. The story of

The book, movie to follow

The book, movie to follow

A lawyer who’s losing his job. A keeker who’s losing his mind. A courtier who’s lost his colony. Kay Pettaway is a troubled psychic entrepreneur who just wants to find a wife and take his remote-view company public before he cycles back into rehab. But his clients have other priorities-the war on drugs, mineral rights on the coastal plain, a 500-year-old conspiracy-and aren’t reluctant to subvert Kay’s gifts for their own deadly ends. In a story that accelerates from the board rooms of Charlotte, to the mountains of the Blue Ridge, to the wild Outer Banks, we trace his path across North Carolina, a singular of the South, where enduring histories, landscapes and languages face down a bewitching aesthetic and technological future.

Amazon reviewer says: “Tarheel Tolstoy.”