Special Veterans Day Alert: Good news for NC veterans

VA Kernersville Health Care Center

MidLaw wishes to join the great chorus of the day with a message for veterans.

If you are a veteran who lives in central North Carolina, don’t believe what you may have heard. The outpatient medical services available to you at the Veterans Administration are quite amazing.

The Health Care Center in Kernersville is a marvel.

It’s new. It’s nicer – a more inviting place to be – than any medical facility MidLaw can name.

There’s a computer there that’s just waiting to hear from you – and it will ensure that when you come to the Center, there will be virtually no waiting. Computer though it is, it’s surrounded by all these people who seem very highly motivated to ensure that you are attended to.

Best of all: free hearing aids! State-of-the-art, top-of-the-line hearing aids and audiologists with accompanying equipment who are expert, responsive and experienced.

As far as I know, any hearing impairment is eligible for treatment. But, in particular, if you have a bit of a gap in the range that your left ear can hear, that’s consistent with exposure to firearms in a military setting. And, the VA’s the place for you to be.

And what devices they supply! My cell phone calls now come directly into my head. Nobody hears it ring but me. Music, podcasts – they all come straight into your head (if you want’em to).

Most astonishing! Since acquiring these devices, I’ve learned that very often, when people’s lips are moving that means they are seeking to communicate with you. And, my television has begun to function much better. Somehow though, there has been little improvement in my ability to hear certain communications from Sally. Nothing’s perfect.

MidLaw, at least, thanks the Veterans Administration for its service.

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