The professions, including the legal profession — the future of them?

SusskindThe professions are not immutable. They are an artefact that we have built to meet a particular set of needs in a print-based industrial society.

The Future of the Professions, How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts, Richard Susskind & Daniel Susskind, page 3.

And so, where should we professionals pitch our tent for the future?

The Susskinds take aim not just at lawyers, but also at doctors, professors, architects, accountants, business consultants, appraisers, preachers. The future of the professions, they say, is not in giving clients access to knowledge — not even in giving advice and judgment — respecting data, information, tradition, precedents. All of that has its roots in the once-but-not-future print-based society.

Professionals: middlemen between clients and knowledge? In greatest demand when information is hard to get at.

As technology advances, professionals are coming in line (like other middlemen before them) for fundamental changes in their roles. The information technologies are, if nothing else, making knowledge and advice more and more easily accessible. Eliminating the middleman.

New professionals, be wary of settling into career niches that are too narrowly focused on purveying knowledge.

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