MidLaw among the Bedouin

DSC_0141When MidLaw was fed from a bottle, his parents got him a goat — a kid, for a pet. MidLaw and the goat were fed together.

I remember that goat with fondness. Don’t really remember the bottle-feeding.

Several weeks ago as the Westtown School group visited the Bedouin camp, I was reminded of my goat. The Bedouin keep goats and sheep for their living. Due to political restrictions on their movements, their herds are shrunk. The stock is ragged.

Wanting to make a connection, I asked the translator to let the sheikh know that my family once had goats. Didn’t mention the bottle thing. The sheikh (pictured with others below) sized me up. His reply: “How many goats did you have?”

It was a short conversation.Bedouin 2016IsraelPalestine - 420 of 776-L

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