Cahiers de Hoummous: Hummus, the path to peace — and msabbha, a fresh revelation



Brooks Pierce lawyer Eric David is expert at resolving disputes (albeit, mostly by litigation, arbitration or mediation) and he is a serious student of hummus and hummus culture. So, he was quick to see the importance of this development and call attention to it.

Newspapers around the world are reporting the opening of a new hummus place in Netanya, a small town in Israel. The place is called “The Hummus Bar,” and it advertises (on FaceBook) half-price hummus for Jewish and Arab customers who sit down to eat together.

The Bar’s owner told the Times of Israel, “If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, it’s hummus.” (But see Church of the Chickpea.)

MidLaw knew that. The guy is a dreamer, but he is not the only one.

MidLaw’s theory is that if you are eating, then you can’t be talking. Which is a good first step. If you are not talking, then you might be listening. And, if you are listening, we are almost there. Listening is the new talking. People listening to each other is the path to peace.

This need not be just a Jewish/Arab thing. Picture, if you will, so-called American conservatives sitting down together with so-called American liberals (MidLaw is a so-called non-partisan) to share half-price hummus and pita — say, at the MidLaw Hummus Bar — and together finding a middle way.

The MidLaw Way.

At The Hummus Bar, it’s not just hummus. They’ll give half off to Jewish/Arab parties on any chickpea dish. The msabbha is recommended. Msabbaha looks like it’s worth hearing about.

After you listen, remember: the MidLaw Way is to roll your own. This is hummus after all. It’s not mayonnaise. And it takes no time at all.



The Hummus Bar

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