Socialized milk and whiskey in Tarboro


Jimmy Emerson, Flickr

Tarboro’s municipal milk plant is getting attention. First from the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. More recently, in the January issue of Our State magazine.

At the time, I never thought it odd that a government agency delivered milk to our door. When I went to other places and they had to go buy milk at a grocery store, I thought that was odd.

Later, I moved to France and found whiskey at the grocery store. And, sheeps’ brains once a week at the student restaurant.

In Tarboro, we had socialized milk, socialized whiskey. Free-market sheeps’ brains.


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  • Catherine  On December 28, 2015 at 3:55 am

    That’s a wonderful reminder of how things were in a special community and how strange today’s culture would seem!

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