Ross’s Goose sojourns at Guilford College

Ross's Goose among the Canadiens @ Guilford College

Ross’s Goose among the Canadians @ Guilford College

A Ross’s Goose has appeared at Guilford College. It has taken to hanging out with the usual crowd of interloping Canada Geese.

He is not supposed to be there. Ross’s Geese usually go to California or Mexico this time of year.

This one may have heard about Guilford’s unusual — practical liberal arts — field biology curriculum; or there may be some Quaker thing working here. Fabled Guilford ornithologist Lynn Mosley is on the case.

Guilford and Greensboro seem to be greeting the event with more aplomb than similarly situated Mainiacs .

Anyway, this visit is rare, surely auspicious. And, I’ve got to say, I like the cut of the little fellow’s jib.

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