Cahiers de Hoummos: the hummus world is reeling

hummus roasted red pepperThe world of hummus is in tumult.

A Chinese company has bought an Israeli hummus maker. They are eyeing the American market.

Chinese hummus?

Easy there. The MidLaw Way is to roll your own. You’re not going to be buying Chinese hummus. And not Israeli or Palestinian, or even American hummus. You’re going to be making your own. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s going to be good.

Out of this China revelation, still another “real hummus” recipe surfaced. They say this one is “the best”.

Well, two points here. First, the author of this recipe, like so many others, provides the assurance that if you make your own, it’s going to be good (and better than store-bought), even if you don’t get it exactly right. And second — guess what? — this new best real hummus recipe looks pretty much the same as all the rest of the best real ones.

We are at bedrock.

So, MidLaw fully embraces commerce with China but adverts to Article I, Section 35 of the Constitution of North Carolina and to the Virginia Declaration of Rights. MidLaw says, “A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty.”

Roll your own. Hummus. That is the Way.

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