Jane Fernandes, her French major & the job it prepared her for

Jane_FernandesIn the most recent post here, the point is made that studying what you love has greater practical value than studying what you think has the greatest practical value.

Just after that note was posted, MidLaw became aware of this article in Our State magazine about Dr. Jane Fernandes, Guilford College‘s ninth president. Jane is deaf. She was a French major. She majored in French despite her parents’ worries.

Jane dove in anyway. “I loved every minute of it,” she says. “It was more about being in charge of what I could and couldn’t do.” She read books. She went to Paris. She got the degree.

Our State, North Carolina, September 2015.

It worked out fine. She got an advanced degree. Now she’s the president of a world class liberal arts college. She is very good at what she does, which is not teaching French.

FOOTNOTE: Your humble servant is also a French major. With that preparation, he promptly became a soldier in an unsuccessful land war in Asia, then a business litigator and trial lawyer, a banking lawyer, and now the managing partner of an exceptional law firm with offices in three North Carolina cities.

MidLaw is studying the proposition that everyone should major in French . . ..

Vive La France!

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