Attributes of a liberal education that promote an exciting life per former CEO, Sharp-Carter

Guilford College alumnus and thought leader, Vic Cochran has thought about why it is that liberal arts graduates and Guilford College graduates live exciting lives.parrot_PNG721

He says that

  • Guilford students are challenged to look at other points of view to inform their own views and opinions.
  • Guilford students experience diversity through the student body and faculty.
  • Quaker education values exposure to other cultures and beliefs.
  • Guilford students are encouraged to be involved in their local communities.
  • Guilford students experience opportunities for service learning.

This kind of education, he says, leads to graduates who are involved and who contribute. They are people who want to solve problems and be involved in decision making. They are leaders.

And this, says Vic Cochran – Guilford alumnus, sociology major and Greensboro carpet and flooring expert – makes life exciting.

Note: Vic Cochran’s thoughts are presented here as nearly as possible as he originally expressed them, without modification, except in those instances where modification has been required to conform Cochranisms to conventional spelling and grammatical norms.

Vic’s comments bear the mark of wisdom. They are focused on Guilford College, which is a unique place – but much of what he says can be claimed for liberal education broadly.

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