Strategy for traditional law firms, colleges, firms & institutions with long-time identity

Defining a differentiating value proposition requires that we tiger_PNG546stop focusing on reclaiming old territory and instead discover new territory.

Positioning for Professionals: How Professional Knowledge Firms Can Differentiate Their Way to Success, Tim Williams.

The challenge for traditional institutions as they confront new conditions or new competition, is their past success. It may no longer suit the times.

The whole point is that something new has come. Nothing has broken, but nothing is the same.

The best organizations focus on their strengths. But the focus must be on those strengths that will succeed in the territory ahead. Traditional strengths may not. Old ways, however successful, may no longer contribute value; they may not capture new territory.

If you have a distinguished past, you want to look back. But that only works if what’s old still adds value looking forward.

Differentiation must be defined in light of what is now.

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