Which exciting lives do liberal arts grads have?

Somebody called me on it. “Exactly what are those exciting lives that Guilford College graduates leading?” she asked.owl_3

Off the top of my head, my first thought was to say that Guilford alumni are professional basketball players, investment bankers, members of Congress, presidents of colleges, professional golfers, field biologists, all kinds of coaches at all levels of competition, leaders of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), authors of best selling books (and also ones that don’t sell so well), religious leaders and leaders of religious schools, C-level business leaders, bankers, IT professionals, Internet entrepreneurs, geologists, philanthropists, astronomers – and teachers, preachers, doctors, lawyers, farmers, artists, scholars, accountants, fire chiefs, organizational design and leadership consultants, rug merchants, forensic scientists and real estate developers.

Then I thought – wait. Those are jobs and, yes, Guilford graduates are at the top of those fields – but jobs are not lives – and for every fire chief whose life is exciting, there’s another one whose life is not.

It’s not what you do, or where you do it. It’s your awareness of it that makes your life exciting.

“The examined life.” 

If there’s any group of people who are prepared to examine and understand their lives, it’s the ones with liberal arts educations. And thereby hangs the excitement.

Guilford graduates are at the apex. Ask Socrates.

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