UNC president warns about years of cutting higher ed funding

rossUNC president Tom Ross made a speech last week in Raleigh and it must have been a stem-winder.

Declining support for public higher education in North Carolina is running off professors (they are leaving for other states), he said, and making college less accessible to North Carolina students.

Without great faculty, you cannot be a great university. And in my view, without a great university, you cannot be a great state.

North Carolina is behind. We are not competing. We have reversed our tradition of investing in the talent of our citizens.

Who knows more about higher education in North Carolina than Tom Ross? What he said, as reported by Higher Education Works Foundation, is chilling. No, it is freezing. It is clear-sighted, cogent and compelling.

The truly chilling aspect of this is that the consequences of failures to invest now will not become evident until they are visited upon our children and grandchildren far in the future.

[An adaptation of Tom Ross’s remarks before the National Public Affairs Forum were published by the News and Observer on March 15, 2015.]

[Now, The New Yorker has weighed in.]

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