College attendees have more exciting lives; Guilford College grads, the most exciting. It’s true!

College attendees are much likelier to report exciting lives, with 58.4 percent doing so compared to 49.6 percent of people with only high-school diplomas and 48.7 percent of high-school dropouts.Eagle Todd Clark

It’s true and this is data worth conjuring with. Forget all that dreary politicians-talk about how college education ought to be mere job training. Forget too, all that – undeniable – data, which shows that college graduates make more money. College attendees have more exciting lives! This even includes students of accounting.

Graduates of liberal arts colleges have the most exciting lives of all. (I have no data to support this, but I am confident that it is so.)

Graduates of Guilford College are at the apex. When I see the places that they go, I am pretty clear about this.

[Note: I have shown this note to several readers and gotten back a freshet of comments about how and why it might be that these graduates, especially Guilford graduates, have these exciting lives and what those lives are. I will put those comments up in this space in days to come. For now though, just focus on this: college attendees report more exciting lives.  Conjure with it. It’s true and it’s an important point.]

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