Test Kitchen Report: Farmers Market sweet potato hummus

Early returns are in from the MidLaw Test Kitchen on the Farlow Farms/Farmers Market sweet potato hummus. Sweet potatoes

Tentative tastings suggest that the Farlow hummus may be a bit heavy on sweet potato — but this report must be placed in the context of the Test Kitchen’s penchant for determining relative measures based on available resources and a certain proclivity for dead reckoning — coupled with the fullness of the Farlow Farms product. (Medium Farlow Farms sweet potatoes are are so rounded and so full-figured that their mere appearance stimulates the appetite.)

Still, the Test Kitchen recommends throttling back the sweet potatoes a notch or so in the hummus. Margaret on the other hand, advises that any reservations are readily remedied with a treatment of Sriracha Sauce. But then Margaret believes that Siracha improves virtually any soup or stew and a wide range of dips and marinades. She also recommends it for aching joints and lumbago, as well as athletes foot, warts and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

The Test Kitchen has achieved similar results, at least for Farlow Hummus, by applying a judicious dollop of Sir Charles & Queen Carmen’s Gourmet Mild Barbecue Sauce, “the Champagne of Sauces”. [Sir Charles and Queen Carmen themselves may be greeted and the Champagne of Sauces may be sampled Saturday mornings at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market.] Alternatively, this hummus might benefit from supplements to taste of chopped spanish olives, or possibly soy sauce. (The Test Kitchen never forgets Eastern NC country Thanksgivings and winter breakfasts featuring sweet potatoes and gravy.)

Important Note: These alternatives do not replicate or replace the original, three-thousand-year-old, Levantine prototype chickpea hummus (sometimes known as “real hummus”). And non-replication is not a bad thing. It is a different thing. Just as Lexington barbecue is an alternative. Not the prototype, but an alternative. The Midlaw Test Kitchen celebrates diversity.

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