The future, it’s great – if you have a liberal education, are a lawyer

I love the future. It is so nice there.future

Credible thinkers are predicting a future, not all that far off, in which energy will be nearly free, clean and unlimited. Machines will do most of  the work and much of the thinking and creating. The word is Abundance.

Literally, these thinkers are saying that energy from the Sun will fuel your car at almost no cost; and you won’t need to drive because a machine will do that for you. That’s coming in about 20 years. These are serious people. They are serious about this.

Why don’t we just go with it? Let’s go to the beach.

I think it’s easy to see that this is a future that is going to require a liberal education – and lots of lawyers. We’re going to need citizens with what Nereus Mendenhall called “well trained minds and good hearts.”

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