Professional development in mid-size firms IS experiential learning

Brooks Pierce’s remarkable, still-sort-of-new Director of Recruiting and Professional Development, Gail Cutter, makes these comments on the last post here.Experiential 111

Yes! This line of thinking is why I believe that liberal arts training is the best preparation for law school and practice.

Like liberal arts students, associates need an environment in which intellectual curiosity is encouraged and original thinking is prized. The best associate will not simply parrot what she learns from a partner. She will challenge every process and conclusion, wrangle with each logical leap and generate new ways to look at things.

Law firm clients, after all, don’t turn to their lawyers to solve old problems. The essence of practice liberal arts training–and the best law firm professional development–is the ability to anticipate and solve the NEXT challenge.

The successful professional of tomorrow, in all disciplines and fields, will thrive in a world of constant innovation. You can only build up your intellectual muscles–to be more fast, flexible and nimble–if you get out there and practice.

Brooks Pierce thinking. Wish I’d said that.



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