Federal regulation of hummus, it has come to this

gavelSabra Dipping Company has petitioned the FDA to establish federal standards for hummus.

Hummus, the modest bean dip, is well known to this space.  And it is no stranger to such controversies.

Does it seem somehow incongruous that Sabra is a joint venture of PepsiCo, whose flagship product originated in Eastern North Carolina, and a company in Israel near where hummus was born? Does this have implications for the broader debate about the origins of hummus? Or, the (admittedly somewhat tenuous) case that hummus may have originated in Greensboro?

Are larger questions afoot? A loyal reader frets: “First they regulated my hummus, and I did not speak out ….” But – who can criticize the quest for quality? Serious questions, approaching angst, can (should) be raised about hummus made of beets.

The proposed federal rules would regulate “industrial hummus,” not hummus made in the privacy of one’s home.

I say, roll your own. Call it what you want. Buy you some Wranglers. This is America. Wherever you are.

But if you put beets in it, I’m not eating it.

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