Being Mid-Size and the Future of Law Firms

David Rosenblatt is the Managing Partner of Boston’s Burns & Levinson. Burns & Levinson is … well, let David tell it:


David Rosenblatt

For many years Burns & Levinson has been a mid-size, regional law firm. While growth in the industry has swirled around us, we have stayed true to our initial premise – we need to be large enough to take care of our clients effectively, offering the depth of expertise of the larger firms with the personal touches and attention offered by the smaller firms. Individuals and businesses select Burns & Levinson because of the relationships they build with our attorneys. They know they will get the best legal services and the most attention available anywhere.

Burns & Levinson is “very comfortable marketing itself as a regional firm whose rates are considerably less than the city’s largest firms.” This continues to be true, as most of the city’s largest firms have now expanded nationally, and other national and international firms have opened offices in Boston. The value we offer today stands out even more than it did back in 2004!

David is a champion of the mid-sized firm. He’d say that mid-sized firms are the model that best delivers sophisticated legal services for both clients and for members of the firms. His January 2014 message does say that.

You might argue that, in saying this, he is promoting his firm.

And the problem with that would be …?

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