The “Holy Grail” of Negotiation — Assertive & Cooperative

Philadelphia author and consultant Becky Winant pushed back at the last post in which I quoted Brooks Pierce‘s George House, who says that a good settlement is better than a great judgment. “Collaborative?” she asked.

I took this as a one-word challenge to George’s  assertion. But, maybe Becky was affirming that settlements are a “collaborative” means of avoiding taking cases to judgment?

Either way, a big part of what we discussed at that retreat was how to balance the alternative negotiating strategies of collaborating, competing, compromising, avoiding and accomodating. Sync Negotiation says thatleadingFunction

when you are both assertive and cooperative, you are seen to be collaborative. This is the ‘holy grail’ of negotiation and is known as ‘win more/win more’ type negotiations where you create truly synergistic agreements and partnerships.

The quotation is from the Sync Negotiation‘s Business Negotiation Preparation Toolkit.

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