Story of a North Carolina lawyer who’s losing his job — a “troubled psychic entrepreneur”

The Shining Rock Grand by William Winslow. The story of

The book, movie to follow

The book, movie to follow

A lawyer who’s losing his job. A keeker who’s losing his mind. A courtier who’s lost his colony. Kay Pettaway is a troubled psychic entrepreneur who just wants to find a wife and take his remote-view company public before he cycles back into rehab. But his clients have other priorities-the war on drugs, mineral rights on the coastal plain, a 500-year-old conspiracy-and aren’t reluctant to subvert Kay’s gifts for their own deadly ends. In a story that accelerates from the board rooms of Charlotte, to the mountains of the Blue Ridge, to the wild Outer Banks, we trace his path across North Carolina, a singular of the South, where enduring histories, landscapes and languages face down a bewitching aesthetic and technological future.

Amazon reviewer says: “Tarheel Tolstoy.”

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