Jonah Lehrer Crashed

Jonah Lehrer has crashed.

But Proust Was a Neuroscientist is a really fine book and How We Decide is a very useful one. I have never gotten around to reading Imagine where the fake Bob Dylan quotations appeared.

Sounds like there are three possible sins: (i) re-using your own previously published material without saying that’s what you are doing, (ii) stealing material from others without saying that’s what you are doing; and (iii) making stuff up (Dylan quotations). The first two don’t detract from the value of the product. In fact, republication of material (with or without due attribution) actually vouches for its value. The third just depends on whether you are making up “true facts” or the other kind.

For the record (and nothing on the Internet can ever be deleted), I do not condone (i) or (ii) or (iii), but if the contretemps has made copies of Proust and How We Decide cheaper to buy, I’d say buy’em and read’em.

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