Take It To the Bridge

As James Brown famously (with me) asked, “Can we hit it one more time, then take it to the bridge?”

Hit it: Collaboration technology and network technology are going to transform law practice and, maybe, take BigLaw down.

Exactly how it happens and when are not clear to me yet. It’s going to take another ten years to know. (The last time I predicted a technology of the future and gave it ten years, a vendor called on me within 60 days, trying to sell me exactly the product that I was predicting for the misty future.)

MidLaw is the winner — except this means only that the big law firms are bound to split up into smaller firms, not that anybody goes away.

There’s a continuing role for firms at a certain size in talent acquisition, talent development, local knowledge and relationships (either geographically or by industry) and quality control/brand management. Except in a few circumstances though, it’s hard for me to see why we will need or would choose to organize ourselves into  huge, many-office firms. We need the lawyers and the skills and the networks, but why the overhead and the hassle?

Take it to the bridge.

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  • […] of “inspiration” (that was my interlocutor’s term, not mine) can be found the foundations and future role and functions of law firms. In the 21st Century, law firms won’t be needed as much as they were in the 20th Century, for […]


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